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The infinite Performance Mind & Body Reset Program is a high-performance mentoring program and community of busy professionals and entrepreneurs who want to achieve optimal health. We have very limited spots, so
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Lose weight and upgrade your physical performance and fast and effective as possible using fully customised resistance training programs designed using the Functional Movement System (FMS),  Maximise Strength, Power, Endurance and Mobility while removing and reducing your risk of pain &  injury.


Remove pain and Injury and regain full range of movement by discovering the power of customised flexbility and mobility programs using the Ultimate Human Performance (UHP) framework used by many elite athletes, special forces and everyday people to stay at the top of their game.  It really is like discovering the fountain of youth!


Follow our easy 8 step nutrition protocol designed to reset your biochemisty and supercharge your energy and libido and strip away unwanted fat.  Remove your risk of chronic, autoimmune  and metabolic diseases by discovering which foods work for you, and which ones don’t in a sustainable and easy way. 


Assess and improve your breathing capacity by learning the same techniques taught to elite athletes and special forces operators to eliminate stress, fear and anxiety, whilst increasing energy and turbo charging the immune system


Unravel your conscious limiting beliefs and mental programming to stop procrastination and supercharge your willpower to ensure you achieve whatever you put your mind to in health and life


Reprogram your subconscious blocks and limitations by creating powerful behavioral change using hypnosis and deep meditative states



The program is designed to ensure results are consistent and fit around your lifestyle, but you have to be prepared to put in the work following our 9 step proven process.


Focus on who you need to be to achieve your health goals without frustration and guesswork about how to become healthier.


Build a deep desire for your health care without being discouraged by fears and limiting beliefs.


Overcome your limiting programs and become disciplined without procrastination.


Enjoy pain free, effortless movement without pain, injuries, or stiffness.


Look and feel like an athlete for life while overcoming old injuries and old habits that do not serve your health journey.

Step 6. FOCUS

Ensure continuous improvement without guessing what you should be doing, or feeling like you lack focus.

Step 7. BIO-CHEM

Look great, and feel confident and energised without making the wrong food, supplement and lifestyle choices.


Dramatically increase your energy by breathing better and relieve stress, anxiety, frustration, fatigue and/or sickness.


Optimise your sleep, environment, and relationships to forever sustain the optimal performance levels you are now enjoying.

Mind and Body Reset Program



Who We Help

Our Mind & Body Reset program is specifically designed to create dramatic health upgrades in your life. If you are sick and tired of struggling with your health, we can help! It's truly is the fastest way to go from being overweight, stressed out, drained and inflammed, to feeling getting into the best shape of your life, and discovering almost limitless energy, freedom of movement and unstoppable levels of confidence.


Your 60h+ work weeks and meals on the go are leaving you feeling exhausted and lacking vitality. You've seen your weight increase and your growing physical aches and pains are making you feel anxious about how your health will limit your future.


The laptop lifestyle is taking its toll on you. Maybe it's the countless hotel nights or the late work hours, but you're not feeling yourself anymore. You don't want to settle for a quiet life and know that your health must be prioritised to sustain your lifestyle.

Better Health

You're the person who used to say "yes" to any physical activity, but you've neglected your health for a while now and find yourself left behind while others have fun. You feel unhappy with your appearance and/or have been diagnosed with a form chronic condition.

Is it right for you?

Who this program IS for:

Who this program IS NOT for:


Here's What People Say About Infinite Performance Club

I was in a very bad state of health due to a high-pressure corporate lifestyle of stress and excess. Hiring Jamie as a coach completely turned this around. I'm now in the best shape of my life both mentally and physically. Both myself and my family can't thank him enough!
Steve Abbot
Consulting Partner
I started with a thorough due diligence review so that he could have a 360 degree understanding of my health and my goals. 8 weeks in, I have exceeded every goal both in weight loss (44lbs) and biomechanics (40% increase in mobility). My energy has boosted 200% and most important of all - I feel like I finally understand how to take better care of my body. The bonus for me is that I’ve never had better sleep in my life and I feel amazing. I cannot recommend Jamie highly enough and if you want to know how to completely change your body for the better, then just engage Jamie and watch your entire life being transform!
Maka Kama
Consulting Partner and Entrepreneur
I engaged Jamie as the pressures of running a business and family were becoming too much. Jamie's holistic and strategic approach enabled me to step back, prioritise my issues and resolve them much more effectively than all the specialist health care providers I was seeing. Not only did he save me money, but I'm now aware of how to organise my life to ensure that I can balance my levels of stress with recovery, and still achieve my goals.
Gemma Mason
Business Owner

You've Got Questions... We've Got Answers

Hi… I’m Jamie. I’ve travelled extensively throughout the world to learn from many of the most sought-after coaches and highly successful people across a broad range of industries and specialities.

This breath and depth of knowledge, experience, and qualifications puts me in a very unique position to transform and optimise all aspects of my clients’ health.

My simple but highly individualised systemic approach combines multiple world-class concepts, frameworks, and methodologies specifically designed to help you achieve outstanding levels of health and performance that you might many never have thought possible.

Each session is live and interactive. As your coach, I will guide you through the IPC specialised training, and keep you accountable as you work through your new health practices and change your life.

I really care about all of his clients, which is why I restrict the number of members allowed at any given time in the Infinite Performance Club.

I want you to succeed and be confident with your new health practices. If you fail to meet your health goals then I fail and will do everything in my power to make sure that you get the most from your membership.

Most other programs aren’t designed specifically for YOU. I have taken feedback from hundreds of people and designed IPC so that it fits around the best and latest health industry practices as well as around your current work requirements.

I have access to some of the best health experts in the world and update the program with the latest discoveries, and we want you to have access to them too, which is why we have brought them on to the course as well.

Yes, it is. There is zero risk as you can test out  the program for a full 30 days. If you don’t absolutely love it, you’re free to leave – No questions asked.

No problem. If you have the questions, I most certainly have the answers.

Simply book a free, 15 minute call on the Book A Call page, and I’ll happily answer any and every question you might have before you know, for sure, that this is right for you.

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