"After experiencing several mental, physical, and emotional traumas in my 20's and 30's, I dedicated the vast majority of my life to transforming and optimising all aspects of health and performance for myself and my clients."


Board of Certified Hypnotherapist
NLP Master Practitioner
Cert IV Personal Training
Dip. Nutrition & Precision Nutrition PM1 Cert.
UHP ® CPKE (Certified Physio-kinesologist lvl 3)
Functional Movement Systems ® (FMS 1 & SFMA 1+2)
Muscle Systems Specialist ®
XPT Certified Breath Coach ®
BSc Mech Eng
Dip. Computing
Dip. Financial Planning
For over 15 years i've been helping driven (and sometimes not so driven!) people around the world achieve optimal health and performance across many aspects of their lives, all the while making my mark as an Ex-Infantry Soldier, Personal Trainer, Nutritionist and IT Consultant.

Throughout my life I've had to overcome all sorts of conditions and diseases such as asthma, severe acne, eczema, psoriasis, vitaligo, debilitating hay fever, hospitializing indigestion, prediabetes, bronchitis, pneumonia, tendonitis, buristis, arthritis, ADHD, TBI (traumatic brain injury), depression, anxiety, panic attacks, depression, addiction and several motorbike accidents leaving me with multiple compound fractures across both legs. I'm what is termed 'a very complex case'!

As, I've always been passionate about being able to live life to it's fullist I was driven to overcome all these issues. I had to stretch my time, energy, and risk a SUBSTANTIAL amount money travelling extensively throughout the world, to find the most sought-after coaches, consultants and spealists in health and performance. After resolving my own problems I want to share this knowledge and experience with everyday people who are looking to get the most out of life.

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Download the Infinite Performance Scorecard now to assess your health against the nine essentials everyone must have in place to enjoy optimal health.

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Here's What People Say About

I was in a very bad state of health due to a high-pressure corporate lifestyle of stress and excess. My Dr advised that my blood results didn't look good and I needed to make some lifestyle changes. Hiring Jamie as a coach completely turned this around. I'm now in the best shape of my life both mentally and physically. Both myself and my family can't thank him enough!
Steve A.
Consulting Partner
I started with a thorough due diligence review so that he could have a 360 degree understanding of my health and my goals. 8 weeks in, I have exceeded every goal both in weight loss (44lbs) and biomechanics (40% increase in mobility). My energy has boosted 200% and most important of all - I feel like I finally understand how to take better care of my body. The bonus for me is that I’ve never had better sleep in my life and I feel amazing. I cannot recommend Jamie highly enough. If you want to know how to completely change your mind and body for the better, then just engage Jamie and watch your entire life being to transform!
Maka K.
Consulting Partner and Entrepreneur
Running a successful 5am to 9pm personal training business and mothering 3 kids was all becoming too much and was begining to wear me out. Jamie's holistic approach to health showed me how to organise my life to ensure that I can balance my levels of stress with recovery. After a few tweaks to my diet, breathing and, most importantly, planning my recovery time I got my energy back, started to feel like I life isn't just work and parent, and most importantly stopped feeling guilty about taking time for myself .
Gemma M.
Business Owner