REBUILD your health Without the need for willpower, or Wasting Years On frustrating Diets & Exercise Programs Even If You’ve Neglected Your MIND & BODY.

Give me a few hours a week and go from being overweight stressed out, drained, and inflamed to becoming joyfully disciplined, energised and optimised. Take back control of your health and wellbeing so you can perform at your best, and live life to its fullest, for as long as possible.

Hi, I’m Jamie. For well over a decade I've coached 100’s if not 1000's of people just like you to lose weight and achieve unwavering focus, drive, emotional resilience and both physical and mental performance. If you’re a busy professional or entrepreneur suffering from:

-being overweight
-stress, anxiety and overwhelm
-addictions or bad habits
-anger, frustration or depression
-chronic health issues
-auto-immune disease
-a lack of energy and motivation
-a lack of sex drive
-pain and injury
-reduced physical abilities

then the Infinite Performance Movement, Mindset and Mastery program will help you overcome these challenges.

Let me show you how to take back full control of your physical, mental, emotional and even spiritual health (not the woowoo!) and performance by teaching you how to continuously optimise the balance of stress and recovery.

Do You Know Your Infinite Performance Score?

Download the Infinite Performance Scorecard now to assess your health against the nine essentials everyone must have in place to enjoy optimal health.

The Infinite Performance Philosophy Is Simple

When you know how to recognise the core mindset issues that stop you from living with optimal health, move with activities and frequencies optimal for your body, and manage your work-life balance with sustainable long-term strategies designed to help you perform to your potential, you will have all the tools necessary to rapidly heal your body and enjoy optimal health - and never fall victim to your poor past health decisions and lack of self-care. All our material is designed to help you with those three elements, using cutting-edge proprietary strategies and tools.


You make demands on life and expect to live to the fullest. With energy, you can sustain high levels of mental and physical activity to perform at your peak, no matter how old you are or how busy your business and lifestyle are.


Your fire for life could be your trademark, but lately, you've found yourself doubting yourself and struggling to feel excited about your projects like you used to. Healing your motivation will leave you feeling hungry for more life.


Pushing hard is your way if life, but without a carefully crafted work-life balance, your success will remain limited and so will your enjoyment of life. Learn powerful strategies to find balance with a high-performance lifestyle.

Ready To Set Your Goals Into Motion?

If you're sick of feeling stressed out, tired, unmotivated, and worried about your health, we can help.


Here's What People Say About

I was in a very bad state of health due to a high-pressure corporate lifestyle of stress and excess. My Dr advised that my blood results didn't look good and I needed to make some lifestyle changes. Hiring Jamie as a coach completely turned this around. I'm now in the best shape of my life both mentally and physically. Both myself and my family can't thank him enough!
Steve A.
Consulting Partner
I started with a thorough due diligence review so that he could have a 360 degree understanding of my health and my goals. 8 weeks in, I have exceeded every goal both in weight loss (44lbs) and biomechanics (40% increase in mobility). My energy has boosted 200% and most important of all - I feel like I finally understand how to take better care of my body. The bonus for me is that I’ve never had better sleep in my life and I feel amazing. I cannot recommend Jamie highly enough. If you want to know how to completely change your mind and body for the better, then just engage Jamie and watch your entire life being to transform!
Maka K.
Consulting Partner and Entrepreneur
Running a successful 5am to 9pm personal training business and mothering 3 kids was all becoming too much and was begining to wear me out. Jamie's holistic approach to health showed me how to organise my life to ensure that I can balance my levels of stress with recovery. After a few tweaks to my diet, breathing and, most importantly, planning my recovery time I got my energy back, started to feel like I life isn't just work and parent, and most importantly stopped feeling guilty about taking time for myself .
Gemma M.
Business Owner


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Download the Infinite Performance Scorecard now to assess your health against the nine essentials everyone must have in place to enjoy optimal health.

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